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In early 2015 we started on the huge job of digitising our archive for this website and "filling in the gaps" - working our way back from the most recent productions to 1936 when it all started.
The list of titles is now complete, with only a few gaps in the history.

Click on the "more info" link to see cast, crew, dates and photos where available.

We also have a section listing all members involved in Players Productions (again, with omissions for a few early shows and WWII) - they are presented alphabetically by first name, hopefully making it easier to compensate for maiden/married names.


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A year-by-year history of Southwick Players' Productions

Southwick Players were formed in 1935 and, apart from the war years, have put on regular productions ever since. A number of venues have been used over the years but, since its opening in 1951, the Barn Theatre, Southwick has been the Players’ home.

Exact details for some of the early (mostly pre-war) productions remain unverified at present, and productions marked are uncertain, but were listed in "The First Fifty Years of Southwick Players' Productions", a document published in 1985. Any errors, omissions and additions will hopefully be corrected in due course.

We would always be interested in seeing any old programmes, newspaper cuttings, etc. pertaining to any of our productions, or hearing from anybody who appeared in or worked on past productions.

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