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Be My Baby

September 23-26

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The Rise & Fall of Little Voice

December 9-12

Auditions 3 Sept

See How They Run

March 9-12, 2016

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Be My Baby

By Amanda Whittington

directed by Sally Diver

23-26 September 2015



England,  1964. Mary is 17, single and seven months pregnant. Bundled off to St. Saviour's, a Church-run mother and baby home, her concerned mother has arranged for Mary's baby to be adopted as soon as it is born. The girls in the home find comfort in each other's friendship and their shared love of the girl groups of the early 1960s, but ultimately they must face their individual tragedies alone.


Set to the uplifting sounds of sixties girl-group pop, "Be My Baby" follows Mary and her fellow inmates as they cling to fantasies of romance and marriage but instead are drawn inexorably towards outraged, powerless adulthood.


Cast:     The Girls:
                 Mary: Nancy Wesby

                 Queenie: Kerry Williams

                 Dolores: Phoebe Cook

                 Norma: Alice Wesby

              The Adults:

                 Matron: Debbie Creissen

                 Mrs. Adams: Sharon Churchill

Our entry in the 2015

Arts Council Awards

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9-12 December 2015

"The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" directed by Tony Bright.

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Auditions 3rd Sept;

Rehearsals start week of 28 Sept



Little Voice spends her days alone in her bedroom. She escapes in the extraordinary voices she hears in her late father’s record collection - and as her blowsy mother Mari shrieks and shouts her way around the house Little Voice sings with her heroines; matching them note for note, she is transformed by the power of performance.


When local talent agent Ray Say, Mari’s latest boyfriend, overhears her he sees a way out; this is his chance for the high-life, his road to the showbiz big-time. All he has to do is find a way to take her with him. Persuaded by the tacky scout, pushed by an overbearing mother, a nervous Little Voice blasts out pitch-perfect renditions of her inspirational songs; but will she ever have the courage to find her own voice?



To be announced.

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